AGS™ Technology

FX Creations AGS™ backpacks

How does the Patented AGS Technology Works

 Elastic Suspension System

The AGS technology consists of a suspension system made of a highly elastic strap. When the user walks, the backpack mimics the rhythm of walking and bounces as a reaction. The greater the bounce, the lighter the backpack feels. This alleviates pressure on the user’s neck, shoulder, and back, which creates a pleasurable and comfortable experience.

fx creations ags backpack suspension system

fx creations ags backpack eva back padding

EVA Back Padding

The back padding is made of EVA material, which is lightweight, durable and shock absorbing. This provides a layer of comfort and protection to the user's back.

Water Resistant

All AGS backpacks are made of a water-resistant material, including the secured zippers. The provides additional security to protect documents and personal items from water damage.


fx creations ags backpack water resistant material

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